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Digital Agent Network Management

Opareta supports all agent network management activities, including float management, performance analytics, and channel oversight.

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How does Opareta work?

Opareta automates commercial operations across agent networks, with tools that boost operational efficiency, manage liquidity, mitigate fraud, and drive growth.

Float Management

Efficiently manage liquidity within your agent network via automated float & cash reconciliation, quick fulfillment of agent float requests, and AI-based decisioning.

Float Management
Performance Monitoring

Perfomance Monitoring

Leverage flexible, real-time analytics to drive strong performance across your agent network and commercial hierarchy.

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Accelerate agent and customer acquisition while reducing regulatory risk via our digital KYC platform.

Field Team Management

Field Team Management

Maintain control over commercial operations by equipping your field teams with digital tools to manage their activities.

Agent Interface

Agent Interface

Drive higher transaction volumes by consolidating all agent activities into one easy-to-use app interface.

Why Opareta?


Build Trust

Deliver high quality service with better liquidity across your agent network.

Minimize Complexity

Accelerate Growth

Track your key performance indicators with digitized commercial operations.

Optimize Operations

Mitigate Risk

Proactively monitor for fraud and easily maintain regulatory compliance across your agent network.

Experience the future of agent network management

Connect with our team to learn how Opareta can move your agent network management operations forward.

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