Agent Referral Program

Invite your friends.
Earn money!

Earn UGX 10,000 for each friend you refer to Opareta.

Agent Referral Program

Dear Agent,

Opareta is pleased to offer you the opportunity to earn UGX 10,000 commission for each agent that you refer to use our app. :sunglasses:

How does it work?

To refer to one of your fellow agents, they should follow the steps below:

  1. Download Opareta from the Play Store.
  2. Follow the onboarding process to properly set up the app.
  3. Fill in the KYC form to setup your profile.
  4. In the agent information section, for the question "How did you learn about the Opareta app?", please ask them to select “Another mobile money agent”.
  5. They must then put one of your agent lines (either MTN or Airtel).
  6. That is it! :dart:

How do I participate?

The following terms apply to your participation in the referral program:

  1. The referral program is open to existing agents who have:
    • completed their full KYC
    • do not have any previous fraud or write-off record.
  2. The commissions for each valid referral is UGX 10,000, paid in arrears on the 25th of each month.
  3. You cannot refer yourself. A referral shall be deemed invalid if an existing agent refers themself or creates multiple or fake accounts. That agent will be terminated from the referral program.
  4. An agent who is referred but does not complete their full KYC or use the Opareta app or take a loan shall not be eligible for a referral commission.
  5. Opareta will withhold or cancel any referral it deems fraudulent, suspect or in violation of these terms.

We appreciate your support as we push to revolutionize the Mobile Money Agent business in Uganda and beyond. Together we can! :handshake: